Mike Callahan Effective Strategies To Maximize Your Email Campaigns

Tips-to-Maximize-Your-Mike-Callahan-Email-Marketing-CampaignOne of the still very effective ways to market a product or business is through email marketing, even in today’s world of various other marketing techniques. While there are countless new strategies always coming out on how to attract more customers through social media for example, the smart business owners are carefully extracting the most of their various email lists. In the following few paragraphs, we’ll describe some of those tactics to improve your own Dennis Moreland email marketing campaigns.

Connecting with your email audience is key. While many email “experts” will stress various ways to trick an email list to open through catchy headlines or other tactics, the fact is if one trusts you enough as a sender, they will open your email. No one throws away an email from a loved one. Try to instill this type of trust by not always promoting like every other marketer does. Develop stories around your business and product (that are true), which will make your emails more interesting as well. By not always promoting but providing value, your email list no matter the size will be more responsive and that is key to increased sales.
Segmenting your list for better response. By carefully moving people from your general list to a more specialized one, a good email marketer can then craft more targeted emails which will then result in better response. Depending on if the product you sell matches the overall theme of your business, consider building campaigns for each product instead of just the general ones you may have been going with.

Test various formats and see the differences in response. While one wants to have beautiful looking emails using that fancy graphic template promoted by your email autoresponder company, sometimes just plain text is more than enough. Plain emails also have a better chance of getting through email filters so if your email style can be adapted to utilize this knowledge, keep it simple when possible.

If you must stick with a graphically full email, test all the elements in that email to see what works. Place graphics up top and below. Try links throughout or just at the end. Once you find what works for you, stick to it. This helps keep conformity for your readership, who will then know exactly what to expect and where to find something if they need it.

Speaking of keeping things the same, pay attention to coordinating your marketing campaign so it makes sense and not just being forcibly put together. Continue the conversation started in an email so when a person clicks, they won’t be confused by seeing mismatched messages. Be sure your other marketing channels all work towards the same goal.

Take it to the next level by constantly testing deliverability of your Push Money App http://www.pushmoneyapps.com/ emails. Create accounts with the various email providers so you can check the health of your email system each time you send one out. Discuss any issues which can be fixed to improve this since the best email campaigns won’t work if they are not seen.

Lastly, allow your subscribers for an easy way to leave your list and unsubscribe. Include links in the bottom of each email and even go as far as mentioning it at the end of your emails so there is no question you’ve been helpful and compliant. While this may seem counter intuitive, it will build trust as well as cull your list of subscribers you don’t want anyways.

As one can see, email marketing using these mentioned tips will greatly improve results. Test them yourself today and look forward to increased response to everything you email out!

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